Serious science, and lots of fun - an idea for library programming

there are games research posts here too

even more games research

More games research (and it is useful to know what is happening in this are)

What have you tried this year for #teengamesrule ?  Share your stories on the tumblr - follow the link to share

This contains some very interesting information about games research

Explore live action role playing ideas - you will be surprised at what is possible/

If you need to explore role playing games - this site is for you.

These videos can help you with games programs in your library. The games are explained and then the games are played, demonstrating the rules but also the appeal of the different games.  This is a great way to see how they can be played and to think about possibilities for library programming.  

Share your stories for #teengamesrule  Follow this link and brag about what your library is doing for #teengamesrule